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A 17-year-old from Llanstephan has climbed to the top of Pen y Fan to raise money for a charity close to her heart. Esme Williams-Sweet, was joined by seven of her friends, raising money for a life-changing charity, BeMoreFrank, that provides financial help to families of children battling cancer.

Esme said: “My birthday is a special day to me and I wanted to spend it with friends, doing something that I know would make a difference, in honour of Frank.”
In 2019, Frank was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, after experiencing persistent pain in his leg. Despite 12 weeks of chemotherapy and nine surgeries, Frank’s cancer was diagnosed as terminal in February 2021 after multiple tumours had developed in his lungs.

Frank passed away on June 4, 2021, aged 13, surrounded by his family.

The #BeMoreFrank fund was set up by Frank’s family to reflect the bravery and kindness shown by Frank throughout his life. After being diagnosed as terminal, Frank began ticking off things from his ‘bucket list’ - activities that he wanted to do after he had stopped any further treatment. The young actor flew in helicopters, fired guns, had silly string fights, drove in supercars and had a home cinema night set up in the garden - just to name a few.

Esme spent time with Frank in school and wanted to remember him. “Frank was a joker, a classmate and a friend. Someone who managed to make me laugh every English lesson we had together. Thinking about Frank always brings a smile to my face which I think is telling in itself. A truly amazing individual whose positivity and bravery, even in the last legs of his treatment, was something to always be admired.”
Esme and her friends were accompanied by Esme’s mother, Eileen, who said: “We finally did it. Mostly in the cloud, but got them up the mountain, and back down in one piece. The fundraising total is currently just over £900. Would love to get to £1000.”

Esme said: “We made it up the mountain! Looking up to a drizzly sky full of clouds from the car park was not a hopeful start but once we made it up the sky had cleared a little and we even got a glimpse of the sunset. So thankful to the amazing, amazing girls who trekked up with me. I'm so proud we made it up and did it together, for a truly life-changing charity. And most importantly we did it for Frank.”

The fundraiser can be found here:

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